Faith Based Program

I am my brother’s keeper is so much more than words but a call to action to help those less fortunate than oneself.  It is with this timeless calling that is the backbone of our Faith Based Program

As a religious organization whether it be a church, a synagogue, a mosque, or a non-denominational food bank you are always looking for the best way to help needy members of your congregation and at the same time support small businesses in your community.  Simply handing out money or major company gift cards may not be the wisest route to take as funds may not be spent on the necessary purchases that you intended.  Instead our program is not only more targeted to where the value of the cards can be spent but also provides real-time tracking and history reports of when and where the cards were redeemed.

Your board members or committee will decide on the parameters of how you want the program to work and we will custom build it for you.  For example, you want to give out $100.00 prepaid gift cards to a family but $50.00 to an individual.  We can make that happen.  You will come up with a list of places where you want the cards to be redeemed such as at a local supermarket, the produce store, a particular restaurant, etc.  You will then contact the owner or manager and explain that you would like for them to become a participant of your program and when they agree they will complete a simple signup form.  We will then provide them with a choice of either our Free Web Terminal, our Free Phone App, or an inexpensive physical credit card type terminal in order to redeem the funds.  Then once per week we will ACH the value of the card spent in their business right into their business checking account.

Your program administrator will have access to online real-time reports. Reports can be run for any date range and are easily exported in Microsoft Excel®. Report types include card activation, card history, reconciliation, merchant redemption, and more.

Now that you are more familiar with our gift card program designed for Faith Based Organizations please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.