Downtown Districts

What makes the United States great are the small businesses and restaurants that are the Main Street in every town in America.  However, in today’s tough economic environment it has become much harder to not only thrive but to survive.  Between big box stores, national chains, and shopping sites like Amazon combined with Covid-19 restrictions the playing field is far from level.

When we talk about small to medium sized shopping centers, strip malls, and downtown shops there is an all for one and one for all mentality that must take place.  You don’t want to be the one business doing OK while your neighbors are shuttering their doors.  Possibly your town manager has looked into starting a RAN (Restrictive Area Network) program which rides on the rails of Mastercard or Visa and found out that either the costs were prohibitive or your shopping district just wasn’t large enough for the RAN processor to sign you up.

That’s where Gift Card USA can help comes in.  We will put together a great cost effective gift card program where a single card can be used in unrelated businesses in your town or shopping district.  Whether you have 10 locations or 1000 locations we can make it work and generate incremental income for the businesses that choose to participate.  We will assist you with the design and printing of the cards and making sure that each merchant has the ability to redeem the cards that you sell or distribute.  Then weekly we will conduct pooling where we reconcile the funds spent in the different businesses and ACH the funds directly into the proper checking accounts.  All activity is tracked in real-time and a variety of valuable reports can be printed by your program administrator.

Now that you are more familiar with our gift card program designed for Downtown Districts please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.