Corporate Employee Incentives

In todays crazy world the glue that is holding together many companies are the employees that come to work day in and day out no matter what the challenges present.  Whether they are essential workers who are there in person every day, on the road employees making deliveries, or those working from home using their dining room tables as Zoom conference centers they all have one thing in common.  They all want to be recognized for a job well done.  With bank accounts depleted there is probably not a great deal of money in the budget this year for generous bonuses.

At the same time, it is important to be a good corporate citizen and help the local retail stores and restaurants that might be struggling in the vicinity of your larger corporation.  Having them survive and thrive is important because how will your company fare in an area that does not have good independent restaurants and shops.

Our special gift card program helps solve all of those key points.  What we suggest is that you start a program where you give custom gift cards to your employees for a job well done, reaching a special anniversary of their service, or simply as a thank you around the holidays.  You will be able to load up each card with the amount of your choice at the time of giving.  So one card can be loaded for $50.00 and another for $100.00.

The person in your company who will be responsible for administering this program will have already made a list of businesses they would like to have the card accepted.  All they would need to do is present the program to the owner or manager and complete a short signup form.  Most businesses would be happy to participate as this is the potential for increased sales they would not have had otherwise.  It is then that we complete the merchant setup by providing them the login and pw info for their own free Web Terminal or free Mobile Phone App.  Redeeming the card through either of these methods is simple and on a weekly basis we will perform an ACH transferring the funds from your checking account to the checking account of the merchant.  Comprehensive real-time reporting of all activity will be available tor you to monitor and print reports for accounting and management.

Now that you are more familiar with our gift card program designed for Corporate Employee Incentives please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.