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We are experts in keeping up with all of the compliance issues in today’s complex banking world. As a result we provide our partners and program sponsors with comprehensive and seamless transaction processing and program management services.

By allowing Gift Card USA to manage the daunting task of compliance for your prepaid gift card program it allows you to focus your energy on implementing and marketing a gift card program that exceeds your ROI objectives.

The legal department actively monitors and reviews legislation regarding the legality of account maintenance fees, escheatment laws, and money transmitter laws. You can be confident that your gift card program will always be in compliance.

Regulatory compliance is a key component to the development, launch, and ongoing success of any prepaid gift card program. Based upon the complexity of your product offering, a prepaid gift card program may be subject to oversight, regulations, or legislation from a variety of governmental or regulatory bodies, including:

Federal Agencies/Legislation:

State/Provincial Legislation/Regulations:
Consumer Protection, Privacy, Unclaimed Property, MTL

Payment Industry Compliance:
PCI, SAS-70, Bankcard Network Operating/Product Guidelines

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