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Community Card

Our Community Card program is designed to bring sales and dollars to a specific community, shopping destination, dining area, sports complex or entertainment venue. You design the program with your custom needs and we will assist you in turning it into reality.

For example, you want to design a card that is good at any of the performing arts theaters in a city – No problem. How about all of the independent fine dining restaurants in town – Easy. Maybe you want to promote the waterfront entertainment district – You can do it.

The Community Card program is can be a great fundraiser for schools, religious groups, scout troops, Chambers of Commerce, etc. whereby your members sell gift cards good to a group of participating merchants in your area and the merchants agree to discount sales when your cards are used and then rebate that money back to your organization.

No matter what the mix of stores, restaurants, sports complexes, theaters, etc. we are able to bridge all of the merchants using one gift card. It doesn’t matter if they are unrelated in terms of ownership, small mom and pops or national chains as they all will be able to accept your card without any modifications at all to their existing POS systems or standalone credit card terminals.

By using our proprietary Restricted Authorization Network (RAN) we have the ability to limit the locations that your Community Card can be redeemed. That way all redemptions and dollars stay within your selected merchant base.

The possibilities are endless but since you probably only need one program please contact us and let’s put it together for you.

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