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Colleges and Universities

College towns provide a unique opportunity to market a gift card program in a variety of different ways. No matter if you are from the college or university or a member of the business community in the college town we can assist you in reaching your goals. Our program will keep shoppers and their dollars in your college town’s stores and restaurants – all with a single prepaid gift card. Cards are bank-issued and guaranteed.

No matter what the mix of stores you have in your college town shopping district we are able to bridge all of the merchants using one gift card. It doesn’t matter if the stores are a mix of small independents, national chains, or franchised restaurants. We can easily work with all of them.

Another scenario may be that you are an administrator with a college of university and you want to develop a program whereby a single card can be used at any and all of the college’s dining and retail venues. We can certainly assist you with setting this up. Perhaps you are the dining services manager and want to have a single card that will work at the college dining halls, coffee shop, and the credit card accepting vending machines in the dorms.

Your program will utilize our proprietary Restricted Authorization Network (RAN) which limits the redemption of cards solely to the merchant locations that you designate. They will be able to accept your card without any modifications at all to their existing POS systems or standalone credit card terminals. There will be no need to change their current merchant account provider. As part of the implementation process we will simply swipe one of our test cards through their credit card reader and it will provide us the information needed to add them to our RAN. It is that simple.

Our implementation team will work closely with you to insure that your launch is successful with either phone or recommended on-site training and that you are able to achieve your goals as the program progresses. Your downtown district will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to assist in all facets of your gift card program. All program documents and training supplements are provided to each client to ensure continued program success. Our service includes toll-free live 24/7 multi-lingual merchant and customer support.

With many small merchants struggling in today’s economic environment a downtown district gift card program can be the perfect solution to help boost their sales. It encourages the community to support local businesses and helps bring repeat business to your downtown. The most successful programs get the local corporate community involved by having them purchase the downtown gift cards in bulk and then give them out to employees as incentive rewards or for holiday gifts. Imagine a local hospital or manufacturing plant with 1000 employees giving $50.00 gift cards out at Christmas and the next week you will have 1000 customers ready to buy from your local merchants rather than heading to the mall.

Your downtown district program administrator will have access to online real-time reconciliation reports in order to inform any local governing board or the merchants how successful your program is at any given time. Reports can be run for any date range and are easily exported in Microsoft Excel®. Report types include card activation, card history, reconciliation, merchant redemption, and more.

Now that you are more familiar with our gift card program designed for downtown districts please feel free to contact us to discuss your specific needs.

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